Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Fabulous Choice (Fabian)

Fabian is registered with APHA as "A Fabulous Choice," and that he is!

Fabian was sired by my stallion Eddie, whose pedigree I featured on Monday.

I traded for Fabian's dam, Seeker, back when I lived in Arizona. I drove 28 hours over the course of one weekend straight to go pick her up. She was well worth it.

Her registered name is Goldseekers Choice, and she's still alive and well, having babies in Missouri. She's a great mare, a splash overo, and she's deaf, but she's the easiest mare to handle so you'd hardly ever even know it.

Seeker is sired by Bold Dancer, who was a World Champion. Bold Dancer was sired by Bold Chick. There were two different horses named Bold Chick--one was a paint and the other a quarter horse. The paint one was sired by the quarter horse one. Clear as mud?

The paint horse Bold Chick had 86 halter points, 76 performance points and was an APHA Supreme Champion. He had 7 race points, was Grand Champion at halter 21 Times, Reserve Grand Champion Halter 8 Times, earned a Superior award in Halter, Register of Merits in Heeling, Hunter Under Saddle, Barrel Racing, Heading, and Reining. He also had points in Western Riding and Tie Down Roping. His great-grandsire was Three Bars.

Seeker's granddam was a daughter of AQHA Supreme Champion Goldseeker Bars.

Goldseeker Bars earned an AQHA Champion designation, an AQHA Supreme Champion, a Register of Merit in Performance, a Register of Merit in Racing, was a 4-time halter grand champion and a National Cutting Horse Association money earner.

Talk about doing it all! Once again, he was a son of Three Bars.

Seeker's granddam was also a granddaughter of AQHA Hall of Fame horse Leo.

He was best known as a leading broodmare sire, so the fact that he's on the very bottom side of Fabian's pedigree bodes well for his dam's producing ability.

Fabian will never have any foals himself, but even in a gelding, pedigree is important, because before you even get to know him, it tells you what kind of horse he should become. These horses did it all, and did it all well. Fabian isn't a modern enough mover to compete in pleasure, but he has plenty of speed and great character, so without a doubt, he'll go very far in life.



Anonymous said...

That looks like a nice solid pedigree - and he's a beauty!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Fabian is gorgeous as are all the horses in his line. You really have some beautiful horses.

Nicole said...

You've done your research! Paint horses are so pretty!

smazourek said...

Please elaborate on "he isn't a modern enough mover for pleasure." I have only the barest idea what that means.

What direction are you thinking of taking him in?

CCC said...

I can hardly believe it now that I think back but we owned an old stallion, years ago, that was a grandson of the great Three Bars. I personaly think that old thouroughbred did more for the quarter horse industry than any other stud. That's just me.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

What a beauty! I love his markings.

Jessie McCandless said...

Thanks so very much everyone!! CCC, that's amazing that you owned a Three Bars horse that up close! He was inargueably a very prolific sire. I agree with your assessment as well!

Shannon, I'll do a post on western pleasure movement some day, but if you go to youtube and google western pleasure, you'll see how much of the movement is what they call "flat" and "deep." Fabian moves like a carousel pony, which is neither :) His legs are very animated and he doesn't carry himself in a graceful manner. I could make him go collected and slow, but he'd never be able to make the slow-legged, graceful movement that they're looking for now days. He's more of a ranching and roping type horse. Plus, he really likes to go fast and quick, so I think he'll be happier doing playdays anyway :)