Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Photos from my Phone

Having a phone on one's camera (strike that, reverse it) is pretty darned handy. I can whip it out anytime I feel like preserving an endearing moment. The problem is, though, while the picture preserves that memory in my phone, it does nothing to jog my own memory to one day do something useful with all those pictures I took.

So today, I resolve to do something about it. I present, for your consideration, several months' worth of phone pics.

(Don't worry, there aren't that many. I don't whip it out too often.)

Over Thanksgiving my dad and I visited my sister in Kansas City. She has two tuxedo cats--Bacardi and Soccer Ball. Soccer Ball is as round as his namesake and not quite as bright. Since he's twice the size of Sophie, we decided to try her Christmas sweater on him. What can I say--we are easily entertained.

He flopped down to the ground and gave us a dirty look, which only resulted in more hysterical laughter and pointing from my sister and me.

A couple of months later my sister came down to our neck of the woods to visit my grandma. She stopped by the farm and wanted to say hi to the horses, but Moose decided he'd say hi first. Then my sister ran away.

A moose once bit my sister.... (name that movie and win my eternal admiration :)

Last weekend Dad and I went to a sale and came home with nothing except this photo. This kitchen playset is exactly like the one I had when I was little.

While I had fond memories of pretending to bake brownies on it in my cute little playhouse in the backyard, seeing this playset brought back terrible memories for my dad of "being up all night long putting the damned thing together and Santa getting all the credit."

My dad tends to hang on to things. It's a good thing I'm not like that at all. *cough*

Sometimes my dad and I go out for breakfast on the weekends. We go to our local diner on the edge of town as our choices are limited to pretty much that or McDonald's. The local diner is actually pretty good, but to the mutual disappointment of my dad and I, they are always out of strawberry jam.

And day...there it was. Our version of the Holy Grail....

...and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths, and carp and anchovies, and orangutans and breakfast cereals, and fruit-bats and large chu...

If you don't know that movie by now, then you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest... WITH... A HERRING!

OK, I'll stop now.

Dad and I also went and priced the doors for the front of the house over the weekend. This one is going upstairs, on the second-floor porch.

And this one is going downstairs. It will lead from the kitchen onto the porch. Since it's an old farmhouse, the back door is the front door and the front door is the back door so although you'd normally not have a double door as the front door it makes for a good front door here because the front door is the back door. Right?

I also fully realize that I left off in the middle of my pedigree series. I still need to feature Betty and Moose, and I will soon.

I promise.

Sophie tends to hold me to my promises--at least my promises to her, anyway.

Like Charlie's promise to always let her use him as a couch, whenever neccessary. Here it was neccessary because they were at work with me (I had just gotten back from a trip and had to pick them up from the vet's and get straight into work), and Charlie just so happened to be the most comfortable place to sit, apparently.

Poor Charles...resigned to life as a rug, unwilling to stand up for himself or fight for at least a smidge of dignity.

When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled,



Alan T Hainkel said...

Help! Help! I'm being repressed! :D

Jessie McCandless said...

Eternal admiration confirmed :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sophie and Charlie are very cute. Nice photos.

Alan T Hainkel said...

It's one of my fave movies... It was going to either be that line or, "We found a witch... May we burn 'er?"

The prof of a philosophy class I took in college was a big Python fan and for a group project (in lieu of a final) we used 3 clips from Python movies ("the witch", "repressed" from Grail and "Every Sperm is Sacred" from Meaning of Life)... I think we got an A... :D

smazourek said...

Would it bother you if I said it?

Jessie McCandless said...

Ha! Shannon!!! Suffice to say, that is one of the words I cannot hear LOL!!

Jessie McCandless said...

Alan, I was so tempted to stick "Throw her into the pond!!" somewhere in there, but just couldn't find a way to work it in.

She turned me into a newt, but I got better :)

Jessie McCandless said...

Thanks Arlene!! I haven't forgotten about you, by the way. I'm working on those things you sent me :)

Nicole said...

hahahahaha I love the dog laying on the other pup!

juliette said...

Love the photo of Sophie and Charlie - amazingly adorable!

And, of course the play kitchen and father putting together all night - oh, childhood! Sigh!