Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Filthy N Fabulous (Paula)

Paula's registered name is Filthy N Fabulous. She's registered with APHA (American Paint Horse Association), AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) and PtHA (Pinto Horse Association).

Yesterday I posted about her sire, Eddie, and his pedigree. There are lots of great horses on her dam's side as well.

Her dam was a mare that I rescued from an auction in Arizona. She was severely lame, 18 years old, and being ridden through with not a single bid. I finally gave in, and got her for $300. As soon as I started bidding, another guy did who had bought up a lot of the cheap horses. It could have been a kill buyer, I'll never know, but what I do know is that I ended up with a wonderful mare.

Larry, as I called her, was registered with AQHA as Larrys Silver Lady.

She's pictured here with Paula's full brother, The Fabulist.

Larry was sired by Dirty Larry.

Dirty Larry had two halter points and 135 performance points. He was World Champion in Senior Western Riding, had a Superior award in Hunter Under Saddle, was AQHA High Point Performance Horse Hunter Under Saddle, earned a Register of Merit in Performance, and was sire of Reserve World Champions, Top Ten World Show Champions, Superior Performance Offspring, ROM Halter and Performance Offspring, Halter and Performance Point Earners. His offspring have earned 7,318.5 AQHA Points and $18,045 in NSBA (National Snaffle Bit Association) earnings.

Dirty Larry was sired by Sonny Dee Bar, an AQHA Hall of Fame Inductee.

This is the same Sonny Dee Bar that appears on Eddie's pedigree, so Paula goes back to him twice within the first four generations of her pedigree.

Dirty Larry's maternal grandsire is Boys Ranch, and AQHA Race horse.

He was sired by Three Bars.

Larry's dam's sire was AQHA Champion Jaybo Lad (whom I can't seem to find a picture of). He was sired by Lads Image, an AQHA Champion.

Skippers Lad (earner of 23 halter points) was the sire of Lads Image.

And Skippers Lad was sired by Skipper W (AQHA Hall of Fame).

Jaybo Lad's maternal grandsire was Blondys Dude, also an AQHA Champion.

Larry's dam also went back to King P-234 (AQHA Hall of Fame) four times in the first five generations of her pedigree.

As you can see, Paula's dam goes back to a lot of old quarter horse breeding. I think this, combined with the all-round breeding of her sire is what makes her such a great horse to work with. She was the third horse I ever bred, so I feel really lucky to have had such great luck with such a young program! I'm very happy with her, and the owner of her full brother is very happy with him. I miss their parents every day, and am thankful to have Paula, who reminds me so much of the both of them.



Anonymous said...

Lots of fine ones in there - seeing the pictures is fun!

Grey Horse Matters said...

All gorgeous horses. She was lucky you rescued her, who knows where she was headed for if you didn't. This kind of stuff is so interesting to me. I'm more interested in horse ancestors than my own.

Jessie McCandless said...

Thanks, Kate!!

Thank you, too, Arlene! I still have so much regret and pain for what happened to her dam, but I am at the same time thankful I was able to get get to Paula in time to save her, and also so thankful to my friend for rehabilitating her when I had no where to go with her. It was a bad situation, but all we can do is move forward and do the best we can with what is left of the pieces.