Monday, May 3, 2010

Dad's House

Over the weekend I decided it was time to tackle a project off the farm: the landscaping at Dad's house.

It's such a lovely house, just perfect for one person. It's entirely redone on the inside, but the landscaping needs a little TLC. Our first mission--the front.

So Sunday Dad and I went to Lowe's and spent entirely too much of his money (but it was sure fun)! I love landscaping for dad as he pretty much gives me carte blanche to do anything I want (within reason).

I decided to go with low-maintenance landscaping that would compliment the accent colors on the house without overpowering it.

I love layering the different textures and colors. Luckily we found a Japanese Maple that wasn't as ridiculously priced as they often get. I was able to use the standard Barberry but punch it up with these pretty little flowering perennials (can't remember their names).

As we were at Lowe's shopping we had no less than four different people stop and ask about the various plants. We kept joking that I should try to make a living picking out landscaping for people.

I wonder if that would work--a horicultural personal shopper?

Anyway, I got it all planted this evening and Dad called me when he got home to let me know how much he liked it. I'm so glad--it will give me lots of practice before it's time to landscape the ole homestead :)

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