Monday, May 31, 2010

What I Did This Weekend

Forgive me for the brief interuption, but I had to talk about this holiday weekend before I forgot what I did.

See, I might have suffered a sun stroke. Or heat exhaustion. Or exhaustion. period.

Or some version thereof.

I worked hard and got a few things done. Some things, like getting hay, trimming Paula's feet, clipping the horses, changing the oil in my truck, cleaning out the car, and mowing are on a regular schedule and were all due to be done (and did get done) this weekend.

Other things just had to be done, because they needed to be, like getting at the very least, my perimeter fence set up so the girls could get into the new shelter.

In case you forgot, that area used to look like this:

It actually looked even worse as there were old cattle pens there when I first got here, but I can't find that picture right now. This is still before. Just not before-before.

So after much work this weekend, here is the after:

There is still much to be done, so this isn't the after-after. This is the after-for-now.

I also got my tack room set up. I had ordered some saddle racks and bridle hangers from Schneiders, so I got those put up and some organization started.

I love these bridle hangers. They enable a person to properly hang up their bridle and reins very easily!

By the way, this is the bridle I used to show POA's in. I still love it. It's a custom Circle Y, back when they weren't mass-manufactured. I made a lot of memories with this bridle.

After the fencing and tack room, I turned my attention to my garden and boy, did it need it!

My plants are growing so big and the veggies are starting to emerge. First, my Roma tomatoes:

Then the Celebrity tomatoes:

Sweet peppers:

Purple bell pepper:

Insert "picked a purple pepper" allusion here. Come on, it's obligatory.

Jalapeno pepper:

And your basic green bell pepper:

He's not a veggie, but he's vegging...nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

By the way, I hate cabbage loopers. Hate them, hate them, hate them.

Thanks. I feel better now.

I had planned on weeding the entire garden, but the long weekend came to a close way too early. Here's my weeded garden:

Here's my unweeded garden:

Well, there's always tomorrow....

Goodnight, Annie.


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