Tuesday, May 11, 2010

South of the Barn

We've been busy!

No really, there's much I haven't even reported on. One is the area south of the barn. You have no idea how bad it really was....

OK, now you have some idea of how bad it was.

There were volunteer trees growing through ancient steel fencing, a pretty large wood pile and a makeshift fence.

That is, until the guys got to work....

See, they're working soooo hard. Dad said it's called "supervising."

Then you probably recall the episode of redneck tree branch moving as well....

It was the same day that I got the first fence up....

After the guys got that old fence removed, it was time to do some more brush burning, then clean up the area and move the new fence forward to make a much larger pen.

Burn, baby, burn....
About a week later, it was time to clean up all the ash.

No jokes about my big [pile of] ash.

And viola!! I got the fence moved up and Eddie has a nice, large pen to go with his nice, large stall!

Only 8,456,231 more projects to go!

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