Thursday, May 6, 2010

It Pays Off

I know I posted a picture of Colten just the other day, but Sandra sent me another one of her riding him that I just had to share.

Colten was another horse that I gave up to a good home. I had buyers interested, but they weren't the type of people that I felt would best suit him. Sandra suits him. He suits Sandra. They are quite a team :)

Here's to hoping that Laramie and Katrina will become such a team. Dakota is also going to her new home soon as well. She's going to be a gift for Dean and Melinda Meltons' 13 year old granddaughter. She'll have 40 acres of pasture to herself and be loved on all the time.

I didn't make money on these horses, but there are rewards much greater than money. It really does pay off, when you see a horse as well cared for as Colten is, and in the meantime make a great friend like Sandra.

There really are some things that money just can't buy.....

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