Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Looking Forward

First of all, I want to thank everyone to sent me messages of support and condolances for Eddie's situation. It means so much to have so many friends out there who think so highly of him and wish him the best. I took this picture today of him at dinnertime. As you can see, his leg is, well...pretty messed up, but he's well and in good health otherwise. Hopefully he'll keep a good quality of life for a little while longer.

And I'll tell you a secret: everyday when I drive up into my driveway after a full day at the office, I secretly hope to see Eddie healed. I know it's not going to happen anymore than me getting a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve night, but I still hope.

Between hope and the future, it's all we have now. So, while I spend time with Eddie everyday, thank God for the time I have left with him and try to make these final days good ones, it's also important, I think, to keep looking forward. I have two lovely daughters of his and this place to get in order, so let's get on with the projects.

I think we left off at project #8,345,621, wasn't it? Let me to check my notes.... While I'm checking, please enjoy the following sunset photo (cue: muzak).

OK, we're back.

Like I said, I've got two gorgeous daughters of Ed's to promote. We just had about 18 inches of rain, though (or it seems like 18 inches, anyway), so Paula isn't looking very fabulous at the moment.

I sure love her, though.

Suzie is also a little rain-drenched. She's got a trip to Texas in a couple of weeks. I've told her but she just gives me the same look. You know that look--that food? look.

Bambi's hiding behind her, too. See her? Instead of "Where's Waldo" it's "Find Tub-O."

One of the projects I've been working on is the arena fence. These posts were already up, so I just had to finish off the railing.

Next is cutting off the tops of the posts. I've only got not even a tenth of the total fenceline done, but I can't help it--I'm excited. It's going to be nice, oui?

Stupid, the farmdog, got a little wet out in the rain as well.

By the way, never start your dog on hotdogs. That was the only way I could get her meds down her. Now that she's off them, she still expects the hot dogs! That wasn't the deal. Someone needs to tell her that wasn't the deal.

And in the meantime, she gets a hotdog every day.

My cat Harley's coverage on my blog has been sadly neglected.

He aims to correct the situation by looking as cute as possible at all times to ensure optimal photo opportunities.

And yes, between him and Sophie I am allowed about two square feet of my bed. They're just generous like that.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day! The top of the house gets put on!

Yes, you heard me.

Or read me.


Here's the top:

I wonder how many things can go wrong with this project?

I don't want to think about that today. I'll think about that tomorrow.

Goodnight, Scarlett.

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