Sunday, May 23, 2010

He Might Be Down, But He's Not Out

Friday evening I decided to work on the arena fence a bit more. Usually I let the girls out into there to keep the grass down (it's going to be a while before I till the sand up) but this time I decided Eddie should have a turn. I opened up his gate and figured he'd hop on out there and eat some grass.

Well, I was wrong. He RAN out there (well, as good as a horse can on three good legs and one messed up leg). He screamed at the girls, they ran over and flirted over the fence, then he ran to the middle, rolled, and reared up!

Hi Ho Silver!!

Then he took off running towards the barn.

I was afraid through all this he was either going to (1) hurt himself even more badly or (2) pay for it the next day. Neither one happened, thankfully, but even though I was worried he made me laugh and smile and for a minute forget that our goodbyes are in the not-to-distant future.

Eventually he did calm down and just graze.

I love this horse so much, and part of the reason why is because of things like this. You hear the bad news from the vet, cry all the way home, and then he acts like "Gee ma, what's your problem? I'm fine!"

How could I not love him for that?

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Sydney said...

It's going to be a hard battle but you've given him the best of care and have a lovely foal crop from him. You and him are both very fortunate to have had eachother.