Monday, July 26, 2010

In Seven Months

During the three-plus hour drive down to Clinton, Oklahoma, Dad pointed out something to me that I hadn't fully realized: I've had a lot happen so far this year (in no particular order):

1. I got Eddie home...

2. ...and sadly had to say goodbye again (I still miss you so much, Ed).

3. Got all the branches picked up, fencing and trees pulled out, pile burned and new fencing put up south of the barn.

4. Started tearing off the garage roof and making plans to turn the south portion into hay storage (will be so handy to be fully stocked up for the winter for a change)!

5. Finally got a decent saddle, and one that I can show at the open shows in.

6. Welcomed the Moose Man :)

7. Also welcomed Fabian back home!

8. Welcomed Suzie to our place, welcomed her new foal and sadly had to put this beautiful baby down since she was lethal white. After losing Eddie and deciding there was no need for me to maintain any breeding program, Suzie joined the herd at Painted Prairie Farm.

9. Finally started that veggie garden I've always wanted.

10. Found terrific homes for JJ, Dakota and Laramie.

11. Got the horse trailer I've wanted for YEARS (just last night)!!!

12. Said goodbye to our old farm fixture (miss you, girl).

13. Had a major clean-up day, cut down trees, took out fencing, burned a huge pile of wood and moved in a brand new shelter.

14. Moved into my house and got its top on (I still need to work on this photoshop version :)

15. Did a lot of clean up around the house...

16. ...and planted some flowers.

17. Got a good start on the arena fence.

18. I got a new addition to our canine family (Russell).

19, 20, 21...etc. Got my Camry, had a minor accident with the Camry, then fixed the Camry (lol), lost some more weight, bought my show shirt, show boots, was able to return to the show ring thanks to Dar and her awesome horses, did some landscaping for Dad, got a couple of nice farm trailers, accidentally killed a couple of house plants, helped Dad shop for and move in some new furniture he got....

Well, you get the idea. The point is it certainly hasn't been a boring year so far.

I'd like to rest now. Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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