Monday, July 26, 2010

Slap Happy

Last post today, I promise.

As you may or may not have heard, I got a trailer yesterday.

This involved driving for over three hours after we had worked outside for all of Sunday morning, looking at the trailer, negotiating, failing to negotiate, driving away, turning around, driving back, negotiating again, and then actually purchasing the trailer.

I need to mention that the lady that sold us the trailer had the most adorable little Yorkie (almost) ever. I write (almost) because Darlene's little Yorkie Sugar is truly the most adorable Yorkie ever. I just felt like I should explain myself.

Anywho...this dog was quite a character and a memorable part of our visit. So was the fact that this lady was so stead-fast on her price. Don't get me wrong--she was very straight-forward and honest, accomidating and very welcoming, plus she's offered to meet me half-way when I pick up the trailer. This last fact is incredibly kind of her, because I never even asked.

On our way back, I set the odometer to see what halfway would be. Unfortunately for me it is well into Oklahoma. Oklahoma roads suck.

This is not personal opinion. This is a fact.

So, it's late, Dad and I are exhausted, I'm giddy over the trailer, we have a long drive ahead of us and we're trying to keep talking about something--anything--to keep ourselves awake.

I mention it would be nice if I could talk the seller into meeting me at the Kansas border.

Dad says, "just tell her you're on probation."

I mention how that might not work, considering she's already seen me in Oklahoma.

Dad says, "just tell her I'm your probation officer, and I can't go with you in two weeks, so she'll have to meet you in Kansas."

I ask him what if she asked what I would be on probation for.

Dad says, "Tell her that you beat up the last person who was selling a horse trailer and wouldn't come down on their price."

We laugh.

Then he says, "then tell her: 'You'd better come down on your price, or I'll beat you up...'"

And I pipe in: "And you're little dog, too!"

Thank God we made it to Kansas. We just don't belong in Oklahoma.

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Rising Rainbow said...

I so agree with you about the roads in Oklahoma. They seemed to be working on them everywhere when I went to Tulsa but it didn't look like they were getting much better. LOL