Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Evening Ramblings

Be Forewarned: This post has no cohesive theme, no point and it will most likely make no sense. Thank you for your cooperation.

A couple of weeks ago my dad and I started tearing off the garage roof.

Actually, he's pretty much torn off the garage roof. I am a coward. It's not that I'm afraid of heights, but I don't really appreciate falling through a roof, and this roof is old and rotten, making it completely plausible that such an event might occur.

I have picked up every shingle and taken them to the silo, though.

It's shake and shingles...and I helped!

In other news, I happened upon a new pet name for Sophie this evening:

She's my "ranch poodle."

Don't say I didn't warn you. Please see disclaimer at the beginning of the post. Thank you for your cooperation.

Rainbow is teaching her son all the ropes, including "when human comes home, human brings food."

The old gal is doing pretty darned good, considering she's got a baby in her belly, a huge baby on her side, and the weather has been completely stifling and uncooperative regarding the conservation of any calories.

I'm sure her having her own private fan in the barn doesn't hurt, either....

Poor, tiny, itty-bitty Moose:

Seriously, though, there is no way to convey through photography what a monster he is (size-wise). Thank goodness he's a sweetheart!!

I'm going to have to make a mental note to invest in some step ladders before he's riding age.

The girls enjoyed their dinner as well. I haven't been able to keep the bloom on them through this 100+ degree heat spells. They don't look bad, but I wish they looked better.

I forgot Fabian, poor kid.

Oh, don't fret--he got fed! Just not photographed. Tomorrow night might have to just be all about him.

Or it could be all about Charlie...

I really don't give Charles enough credit. He's the man.

Or the dog.

You know what I mean. Home boy rocks.

And so concludes another day on the ranch.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?


Kate said...

Is Moose a medicine hat? He's very cute - and big!

Sydney_bitless said...

Aha I fell through an old barn roof once doing what you didn't want to. Smart one :P

Jessie McCandless said...

Thanks, Kate! Most people consider tobianos as medicine hats, so traditionally he's not, as he's an extreme splash overo, but technicalities aside, yes, he could be called one :)

Too funny, Sidney. I mean, not funny if you got hurt, but at least you understand my fear! LOL