Friday, July 23, 2010

Ya'll Are Wusses

Sorry, kids. I've given up on you. Here are the answers to the movie quiz:

1. "Girlie, tough ain't enough." Million Dollar Baby

2. "He's got a HUGE talent!" Moulin Rouge

3. "It came with the frame." The Burbs (if you haven't seen this, then I don't even want to know you--a must-see for anyone even remotely a fan of Tom Hanks before he got all serious). My sister and I quoted this constantly to each other all throughout the early 90's. Yes, we were dorks.

4. Her: "It hurts when I smile." Him: "I can fix that for you." Ghost Town (this is one of my alltime favorite movie lines and I adore Ricky Gervais).

5. "Don't drive angry. Don't drive angry." Groundhog Day. Again, a must see. Must. See. I really miss the funny Bill Murray.

6. "My face is in the butter!" Music and Lyrics. I know he's completely overrated, but I can't help it--I heart Hugh Grant.

7. "Well then, I just hate you, and I hate your ass face!" It just doesn't get any better than Christopher Guest in Waiting for Guffman. He later goes on to proclaim, "You're all bastard people!"

8. "You take the blonde, and I'll take the one in the turban." Young Frankenstein. A classic with many, many quotable lines. "There-wolf!" "Tafetta, darling." "Woof." "Roll, roll, roll in zee hay." "Bloucher!" "Damn your eyes! Too late!" Oh, I could go on and on....

9. "Don't worry dear. Suicide is not in his repertoire. He's far too fond of himself for that." Sherlock Holmes.

10. "She looks like a cocktail waitress on an oil rig." Another Christopher Guest impromptu movie: Best in Show.


Sydney_bitless said...

Wow I totally missed the post the questions were in. I wouldn't have known them anyway LOL!

Triangle A said...

sorry not good at

Krazy Cindy said...

I have seen TWO of those movies :-P