Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yes, I Still Have Horses

It's been a while since I really blogged about the horses. The way it works is, if I don't mention them much, they will certainly give me something to write about. Rainbow did.

I try very hard to make sure the fence is safe, but as any horse owner knows, they are worse than two-year-old children--they will get into anything they can and get hurt on it, without a doubt.

It was one of those cuts that could have been stitched (as I could have stuck my thumb inside of it) but it doesn't neccessarily need it to heal, so since Rainbow is a broodie and the wound is really clean, I've just been treating it. It should heal well, but poor girl--that had to have hurt!

What they did was they knocked down the boards protecting this little bit of exposed fencing from any possible contact with them. Once they eliminated the "protective" piece, of course they took full advantage of its sharp edge.

Thanks, kids.

Plus, she's not even my horse, so I was doubly worried, but Dar was perfectly understanding. I still worry, though. That's just the sort of gal I am.

Moose decided to have a siesta in the sun, and Bambi, Paula, and Fabian paid him a visit across the fence. All my horses, all in one shot...

Although it was kind of a crappy shot (cell phone camera)!

Today, while Dad was running the brush hog out back, I decided to start moving some fencing so I can seperate Fabian from his sisters.

His sisters are awfully mean to him. I guess sibling rivalry transcends species.

I wanted to get this area fenced off (note Dad pushing the brush hog in the background--thanks, Dad!)

I didn't quite get finished before the storms moved in, so I'll have to fence another day. I've survived to fence another day!




Krazy Cindy said...

Bubble wrap. That's what every horse owner needs. Lots and lots of bubble wrap.

Sydney_bitless said...

LOL wut?? Hahah what the heck?

Jessie McCandless said...

Cindy--I agree! These horses need to be bubble-wrapped and suspended from the ceiling! LOL Of course they still would find a way to get hurt.

Sydney, I saw that "Wut" sign and I just cracked up!!! I never noticed it before--it's on the far side of a fence. It just struck me as so funny....