Monday, July 26, 2010

My Better Oklahoma Trip

Today was a pretty crazy, but very good day!

Last time I drove down to Oklahoma, it was to pick up my mare Paula, completely emactiated and the lone surviver of three horses I leased to Cecilia Jarvis. It was amiserable, depressing, heartbreaking and lonely trip.

She looks quite a bit better now. Amazing what feeding a horse will do!

This time, the trip was for much happier reasons: I got a new trailer!!

Pics soon--it's after midnight and I'm just too tired to fight the internet. It's a 2-horse straight load gooseneck with a front dressing room (with A/C), seperate tack storage, mats, fully enclosed, etc. I LOVE it. I pick it up in two weeks, but will hopefully be able to get better pics before then.

Before we even left for Oklahoma, Dad and I got the arena mowed with the brush hog. It's all clear now, and I even got some pictures of all the "kids:"

Moose grows seemingly overnight! He's not quite three and a half months old right now.

Poor 'little' baby!

His momma is not a small mare, either. She has her ROM in halter, so yes, he really is a Moose.

Then I finally got a picture of Fabian, albiet too far away.

And of course, Bambi, my pretty girl....

Sorry for the bland post, but I probably won't even know I wrote this in the morning! Ha! I'm just too excited about the trailer, and too proud of my horses not to throw this up on the internet tonight.

And I promise from now on I won't throw up anything on the internet again.

Peace out.


Kate said...

Love the pictures - not bland at all!

Sydney_bitless said...

Paula is such a pretty girl.

Moose is really gonna be a big boy thats for sure!

Jessie McCandless said...

Thank you, ladies! I love these horses, and can't wait to haul Paula and Moose to some shows next year :)