Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Favorite Shots

I'm certainly no photographer, by any means, but I do love taking pictures. One of these days I'll invest in a more professional-type camera, but for now, I just do the best I can with my little, cheap point-and-shoot. Sometimes having a little less in the way of technology makes getting that great shot all the more thrilling!

The above sunset wasn't even edited in any way--totally straight from the camera. I just got lucky!

Of course, the dogs are always some of my favorite subjects, and I'll always remember Samson just like he was in this picture.

Sophie always provides great fodder for those comical shots, but here, she's actually borderline artful. Who knew?

She takes her babies very seriously indeed.

Charlie is always difficult to photograph because he rarely picks his head up. He has such a kind, beautiful face, that the best shot I ever got of him was when I was unable to stand much because of my back. I was laying outside letting the dogs play and he came over to keep me company (as he so often does) and I managed to snap this picture of him.

Thankfully my yoga pants are barely visible.

Then my dear Layla. This will forever be how I remember my lovely girlie girl.

To me, it shows everything about her: her intelligence, her kindness, and her inner strength.

Paula has been the subject of probably 90% of my photos. There's just something about a beautiful gray horse.

Even when she's in her winter woolies, she can provide a great shot, that reminds me of what she means to me, and how wonderful both her parents were.

The funny thing is, she's not the prettiest horse, really. She's lovely and correct, but she's not going to ever win any halter classes.

I think she photographs best when she's moving. It's almost like her character is on display during these times.

Like the first winter that I had her back, when she'd prance around the place, so healthy (finally) and free....

Her full brother is also quite photogenic. He's colored just like his daddy.

I have hundreds of photos of Eddie, and of course I cherish every one, but this one--this one makes me miss him the most.

Bambi has always been very photogenic. She's such a cute, little thing, but she also lacks the capacity to ever look awkward.

In that way we couldn't be more different.

Then there are the random photos that I take around the farm, that really have nothing to do with my critters at all.

Sometimes, even ditch weed can have an aesthetic quality.

Even the creepy can be lovely in springtime on the farm.

(This is actually where I'd prefer to own a telescopic lense.)

That's one thing about the farm--there's never a lack of subject matter.

At the very least, you can always count on a spectacular sunset.

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