Friday, July 30, 2010


I'm a planner, by nature, so when things don't go according to plan, I have to make a concerted effort to re-plan, or it drives me crazy.

Now, now, no smart alec remarks about already being crazy. Dorks.

This weekend was supposed to be about mowing. I planned to mow the entire place, including the pens, so the grass could get some nice, thick growth before winter.

Isn't it depressing to think that we're already planning for winter?

Anyway, rental mower is still broken, so I try to find a belt for the John Deere, but I end up having to order that--it will be here in a week. I try to rent a mower in one of the surrounding towns, but they either don't offer them or won't rent to "that far." Gotta love small minded town people.

So, mowing is out and my plans are in the outhouse. Don't these people know that next weekend I have a trailer to pick up? Don't they know that my dad will be off work and I'm sure we'll be working on the garage roof? Don't they know that mowing next weekend is not convenient? And that mowing this weekend is? Don't they know the world revolves around this single issue right now?

Whoa. That was not a pretty color on me.

So...ok...rather than feel thwarted, I will press on! I will feel accomplished this weekend, one way or another, by golly!! Here's my plan, man:

I would work on the arena fence, but the rock is as hard as a ground. Wait...strike that. Reverse it.

So, instead I'll finish the fencing I started last weekend, to seperate Fabian from his mean ole sisters. Pounding in the t-posts will still be hard work, but nothing like trying to dig into the hard ground.

Then feet...I need to get all the horses caught up on their farrier work!! I did work on Paula the other day, but was sweating so bad in the 100+ heat and humidity that I only got her fronts done. I'll feel accomplished if I can get everyone's manicures done.

And then I'll need a manicure, too, but that's ok.

You might recall that I had planned on reroofing the old garage, but we've since scrapped that and are reroofing the larger garage. This puppy will eventually be torn down, or set on fire, or both.

To the north there once grew a great forest. This sounds impressive, but it was actually a bunch of volunteer trees and weeds that attracted bugs and kept me from being able to walk out to my new shed without mosquito netting and a machete. We did take the brush hog to most of it last weekend, but there's a few spots I worked on during the week, and I plan on finishing up this weekend.

I also need to finish halter-breaking Moose. He loves to be loved on, but not so fond of having something strapped to his face. It won't take much, but I just need to do it.

I'm so used to wrestling the babies and just slapping the halter on them, but there's no way to do that with this guy. He's..well..let me put it this way: in a few months he'll be my second largest horse, and I currently have one four year old, two two-year olds, and Moose, who is almost four months old. Think about it.

Then all the horses need a day of beauty, as well: brushed, bathed, clipped, and spritzed.

Then I'll need a day of beauty. Or a day of coma. Either one.


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