Monday, November 22, 2010

Bingham Hill Cemetary

During my first trip to Colorado earlier this year, my mom took me on a really nice drive through a part of the front range I hadn't seen before. We had hearty lunch at an interesting venue, and on the way back, we stopped by this old pioneer cemetary.

Bingham Hill Cemetary was established in the 1860's, but had apparently been "lost" for several decades before being recently restored, in part, thanks to a book written by Rose L Brinks.

This is the beautiful walkway leading through the gate and up the hill to where the cemetary sits.

Supposedly the cemetary is haunted and is listed on several paranormal sites. There are claims of hearing babies crying, seeing women in mourning, and of visitors feeling cold spots and hands on their shoulders.

I didn't experience anything like that, but I can see why so many people are "haunted" by their visit here. Graves of children and young mothers fill the cemetary. It is a sad place that tells the story of the many hardships and struggles of frontier life.

There are several crude, hand-marked headstones,

and more than a few family plots where several young siblings are buried near one another.

Vandals and time have also made their mark.

There are many nicely carved headstones that have survived as well.

Some of the older, broken stones have been replaced.

Some of the carvings are hauntingly beautiful,

while others are almost worn away.

A few of the graves no long have a headstone at all,

and some of the headstones are quite elaborate.

The Provost family plot that housed several somber headstones.

Poor little Mary Provost didn't make it to her 11th birthday.

Julila Dennis died January 21, 1873...

...and her son, John E Dennis, born the day she died, is buried right beside her. He was only nine months old when he joined his mother.

Barbara Bingham was 19 years old when she died. One has to wonder what she endured in her short life.

And here, Jennie Brown. She had her own plot, with her own fencing, and even some recently-laid flowers decorating her grave. I had to wonder who Jennie was, and who she is to people today?

I've visited many cemetaries, but few have left such an impression on me--such a yearning to know more about the people buried here.

Although I'll probably never know the answers to all my questions about this cemetary, what I do know is it is a beautiful and peaceful place. The landscape, the mountains, the cool breeze even in the heat of summer hopefully gave some sense of comfort to the people who laid their loved ones to rest on this hillside.



Sydney_bitless said...

Thats a really neat place there. Historical too. Hopefully documented someplace.

Jean said...

I love old cemetaries...this is really a neat one.

CCC said...

And then again you might meet them on the other side.