Friday, November 5, 2010

Kerry Kid--An Update

Kerry Kid (aka "Jax," aka "Kid," aka "Kerry") will have his papers!!!!

His owner of record (many, many owners removed from the person who dumped him at auction, by the way) contacted his current owner and is helping her get his AQHA papers done!

How terrific is this? Years after, his story now has a very happy ending indeed.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped. There were many, many people on the forums, Cathy of the Fugly Horse blog who featured him, his former owners--everyone stepped up when they were asked to help find out his identity, confirm who he was and get his papers, not to mention the tenacity of his current owner :)

It's really easy to get caught up in all the bad news of the horse industry. Just last night, 25 rescued horses were auctioned off in Texas (the Combest horses). The video was heartbreaking, but the good news is all were bought and those that need to be will be humanely euthanized by knowledgable hands. The community really came together to make sure these horses didn't have to suffer any more than they already had at the hands of their owners.

Bad things happen, yes. But there are good people out there willing to help, too. Thank you to all the good people out there!!



Sydney_bitless said...

That is such a great ending! I am glad you were able to help.

Amy Lou said...


Yes, as easy as it is to get bogged down by the sadness of it all, there are good people out there always will be.

Anonymous said...

That's very good news - he's one lucky horse!

CCC said...

Happy day!