Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fox Games

I'm just now getting around to downloading and sharing all the pictures I took at the Denver Art Museum during both my visits to Colorado. We went to the museum on both trips, and yet we were still unable to get through all the exhibits! The level of artwork and history was amazing.

One of the exhibits in the Modern Art Gallery was this interesting installation by Sandy Skoglund called Fox Games.

You can actually walk right through the middle of the piece.

If you enter the exhibit from upstairs you can see part of the installation on your way down.

The foxes are everywhere, and every element in the "restaurant" they are causing chaos in is painted red--the chairs, tables, dinnerware, forks, spoons....

And all the foxes were gray, except for this one, which had a red rodent in its mouth. He was also red.

Did he become red when he became part of the restaurant, because he is set to dine?

The foxes are everywhere!

Some are playful...

And some are mischievous...

And some are humorous!

I really liked this piece, because as a person who is surrounded by animals, I see on a daily basis all these different personas in my own animals. Someone might be curious, another sleepy, another grumpy, while another one is playful.

It's sort of like living with the seven dwarves, except they don't have jobs!



CCC said...

I live with Gremlins (AKA cats). Red is the colour of death too and green is a colour for new life, maybe even innocence. The red fox is no longer playing too. Very interesting piece of art.

Jessie McCandless said...

I'd love to visit a gallery with you! LOL Very neat point about that he's the only one who doesn't seem to be playing, either.

All the other foxes were gray--maybe "immune" from the influence of their surroundings, suggesting a "gray area?"