Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ten More Things

1. I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up. Right now, I'm trying to decide between being a teacher, tax accountant, radiology tech, or an astronaut.

I'm leaning towards astronaut. I've been told I'm in orbit already a time or two.

2. The possum hasn't come back...yet. I might have to break down and buy a turkey now.

3. I have a thing for coats. Some women like shoes--I like coats. I have lots of coats and jackets: a black leather mid-length light jacket, a cream leather full-length jacket, a 60's vintage light polyester rain coat, a cream-colored cashmere overcoat (also vintage), a jean jacket, several work coats and vests, an Eddie Bauer barn coat (which never sees the barn), a lambskin suede jacket, several light rain jackets, and now I'm starting to accumilate sweater-jackets.

Now, I have accumilated these over several years, and the vintage ones I bought for $5 at estate sales, so there isn't as much money wrapped up in all this as it sounds. My reason for bringing this up, though, is because I have a problem--I can't quit finding gorgeous coats, like this one.

Help me Rhonda. Help, help me Rhonda.

4. When we were in Colorado for my brother's graduation, my dad and I went out to eat with my brother and his wife. We were all joking around, poking fun at one another when my dad suddenly stopped in front of a Build-a-Bear Workshop, pointed to the black cat model and said something (I don't remember what) about it. We all laughed and started walking to the restaurant we were heading to, but instead of following, my dad went IN the store.

Long story short--my dad Built-A-Bear. He actually Built-A-Kitty, but my 59 year old father went in a Build-A-Bear workshop without a child under the age of 27.

In his defense, he didn't know how the Build-A-Bear Workshop worked, but it was still hysterical. The lady working played right along. He gave the cat he built to my sister-in-law and she registered him on their tiny, colorful computers as Sid Vicious.

And then we wonder why no one wants to hang out with us.

5. Friday is Hawaiian Shirt Day.

6. Sophie shares my aversion to cold weather. I'm usually in my night clothes, snuggled up underneath two comforters and two blankets by 8pm. Sophie has been letting me know lately that she prefers we snuggle up much earlier. Even with her winter sweater on, she can't wait to be able to lay underneath the bed covers (an activity she refuses to do without me).

She's also gotten pickier about which side of me she wants to sleep on. She's always been content to go on whatever side I allow her to be on. Now she chooses, so what do I do? I lay whichever direction she wants.

I have no idea what's wrong with me.

7. It's a common theme in my life, though--the animals taking over. For example, I used to firmly believe that only sick horses, or horses without shelter, or show horses with thin coats from being kept in a lighted barn should be blanketed during the winter. Now, if there's a sudden cold front coming in, any precipiation predicted, or it gets below 25 degrees period, I feel the need to blanket my horses. All of them are healthy, have good winter coats and, in my opinion, have a sufficient layer of fat over their bodies to keep them warm, plus every one has access to shelter and a windblock from the cold north wind.

Still, I feel terrible if they don't all have on their waterproof, medium-weight turnouts. It's not so much that I feel like they need them, as much as it makes me feel happier if they have them, and they have that little bit of extra comfort, especially when they don't have enough good sense to go inside their shelters in the pouring, freezing rain.

I still have no idea what's wrong with me...or them.

8. When I'm at work I can sometimes hear mice scratching around in the walls and ceiling. It doesn't freak me out, like it would some women. It actually irritates me. It's like it's taunting me.

I think I've been hanging around Sophie and the pussy-cats way too long.

9. I really miss having a kitchen.

10. I'm so close to getting to show my horses, finally, that I'm getting really, really super-excited about it. Over the past year I've been able to get a show saddle, a horse trailer, a show shirt, clippers and other grooming supplies, a barn (shed) that I can fence off and keep horses fit in, show pants, several halter-appropriate outfits, a lovely pair of black show boots, and now I'm really close to getting another lovely rail shirt and some chaps thanks to a wonderful friend. Actually, all these things I got because of wonderful friends and family.

All I have left are a saddle blanket, a white/light gray tail for Paula, and a belt! Not too bad considering a year ago I really had nothing.

And in the spring, I'll get a yearling show halter and lunge line for Mr Moose.

My future (and white horses) are so bright, I gotta wear shades.



Sydney_bitless said...

White, bright horses? Tell me the secret seriously cause I consider myself a pretty good white horse owner in terms of keeping them semi clean looking but really, is there a such thing?

I have got some super deals this year too.

CCC said...

Such an interesting life.

Jessie McCandless said...

Well, not white AND bright as in clean! LOL Just hard to take photos of with the sun shining sometimes :)

I don't know about "interesting." Perhaps just a little off the wall :)