Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Busy, Wonderful, Long Weekend

I'm sitting here on this Sunday evening, studying up on hanging drywall and in between video clips, reminiscing about the past four days.

They've been wonderful days, too, filled with fun, friends, family...

and flowers.

Or soon-to-be flowers, that is. I planted probably a tenth of the total iris bulbs my sister-in-law gave me. I also planted all of the walking onions she included.

These are pretty interesting plants. I planted them right by the pump house, and planted a batch of irises right in front of them. I figure they will add some interest to the south-facing side of that building!

Wednesday evening (I think) I also finished several ads for Darlene, advertising her outstanding stallion (and my own Moose's daddy) Almighty.

I'm still learning, but improving, I think.....

After my dad and I got back from having Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her boyfriend in Kansas City, I saddled up Paula and we had a great lesson, which also happened yesterday, along with doing some more groundwork with Bambi and Fabian. Fabian is ready to drive soon and Bambi is almost there.

Paula has been working exclusively in her bit (which is required when showing breed shows) and she's doing wonderfully. I had planned on doing a video of today's ride but the wind was so bad there was no way it would have stayed on anything out there. We'll have to try for later.

I did plan on working with Moose as well, but he was a butthead. Hey, it happens, and it especially happens with weanling colts, so I put him to work and then put him up. We'll try that again later as well.

Today, despite the wind, I still got a few things done outside. Dad came out and we finished the little bit we needed to do to get the electrical lines we ran outside ready for the electrician to hook up.

Thankfully we won't be digging lines again for a while! We hung up the lights and finished filling in the line. I also cleaned a lot more brush out of this jungle.

Going back to Friday, I also bought a washer that was on sale and way too good of a deal to pass up. I wasn't ready for it yet, but I got it anyway, which gives us a good excuse TO get ready for it.

Hence, the reason I am spending my Sunday night learning about hanging drywall....

Rock'n the house one room at a time,


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