Friday, December 3, 2010

Contemporary Art at the DAM

This is the last in my Denver Art Museum series...I promise. At this point, because I'm such a dork, I can't remember who did what, so I think rather than strain my brain and risk severe injury, I'll just let you peruse the photos.

That, and I feel lazy today (I'm nothing if not honest).

This painting was interesting because it had an entire room behind it dedicated to the creation of this painting.

I didn't understand either.

A couple of contemporary ropers:

How do I know they're contemporary? Hot pink background, of course.

This horse was made out of a Volkswagon. Seriously!

A horse for the people...sort of like Mr Ed, er...Mr Red!

I think I've found the new tagline for my blog:


This painting creeped me out and fascinated me at the same time.

Sort of like watching those plastic surgery shows.....

OK, now this painting is definitely worth discussing. Yes, it's a PAINTING!

The thing was, you couldn't tell, even if you stuck your nose right up against it. I know because I tried, before I was ushered out of the exhibit by the guards. The only brush strokes I could discern before I was hauled away were on her eyelashes. Brilliant!

It was this painting, though, that was probably my favorite of the group. It's classical, yet humorous, like me!


OK, maybe not so much like me at all. Just checking to see if you were paying attention.

After viewing all that, my dogs were barking, so I thought I'd have a seat...

...or not. I think the set of Beetlejuice may be missing a couple of chairs...

..and this ...plow????


Things were getting weird, and I felt like I needed a moment to think.

But all the blood rushing to my head didn't help as much as one would think.

So, I decided to keep my chin up and press on.

That may be a little too much press...or on....or both.

At this point I was in utter dismay as to what to do next.

Although I did know to keep my clothes on, along with the paper bag over my head. Blue pill or red pill?

So, I decided I'd better just get outside of the museum and get some fresh air.

Apparently the freakiness isn't adequately contained. I mean, just look at that guy on that bike without socks on. Wierdo!

I suppose it's time to just give up and make a clean sweep.

Now that's more like it.


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