Saturday, December 11, 2010

My House

This weekend, the weather outside is...well, frightful! Yes, it could be worse, but it sure ain't good out there. The horses are all wrapped up in their turnout blankets, shelters ready, and have plenty of hay to keep their bellies full. In the meantime, the dogs and I are huddled up inside. I've got a crockpot of chili cooking, and we're bored to death.

I was online and watching my Sex and the City DVD's when it hit me--I LOVE Carrie's closet, and I can make it where I have a closet just like that in my own house!


So I figured I'd see if I could find an online floor planner. I did, and I ended up designing my entire house. I bundled up, went upstairs and took all my measurements, then got to work. Here's what I ended up with (please forgive the bad pictures--they didn't have a way to save the actual pictures so I took them with my cell phone).

Second floor:

The southeast bedroom will be mine. I made the walk-through closet to the north of it, with a door to the bathroom. The southwest room will be my office. The northwest room is a guest bedroom, and of course the room to the northeast is a full bath (that needs a lot more decorative planning).

First Floor:

The staircase is awkward but I couldn't get it opened up the way it should be--the program had its limitations. The narrow room to the right is the back porch that is already there, but it needs to be renovated (it had a bad water leak about ten years ago and the floor and ceiling were ruined). The middle-south room is the current dining room, which won't change much. The living room (southwest) is also the same as what it is now, except I want to add a 2-sided fireplace in the wall between the living room and dining room. It will actually be a propane ventless heater but set up to look like a fireplace.

The northeast room is the laundryroom that I'll be starting work on very soon. Just to the south of that, in between the porch and the laundry room is the stairs down to the cellar, where the hot water heater, furnace, and the future water softener will be. Directly to the west of the laundry room is the first floor bath. Then, next room to the west is the pantry inside the kitchen.

All in all, there are a lot of changes, but there aren't. I'm actually leaving a lot more walls up than what my Dad had originally planned, and therefore it's going to be a lot less expensive to fix up the place.

I'm so thrilled with how things are coming along, even with just the design. I started off being a bit overwhelmed, but I won't even be thinking about it and an idea will just come up, like using the old bathroom as the pantry, or copying Carrie's closet. It almost seems like it's meant to be, the way things are coming together already.

Of course, it will take years and years to get the house finished, but getting there will be quite an experience!

There's no place like home,


Sydney_bitless said...

I would LOVE to have a closet/bathroom like Carries! Now I want to watch satc!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well at least you have a plan and know what you want. Time well spent on a cold day inside.

Nicole said...

Hey at least you have a plan... that's a start! My husband and I want to re-do our kitchen but I'm not really sure what I want so we just contemplate... but I'm like you, I love Carrie's closet too!

Jessie McCandless said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves Carrie's closet :) I love to do that, though--see something on TV or in a magazine and try to recreate it. Why not?

I think it takes a while for ideas to come together, too. That upstairs bath still leaves a lot to be desired. I need to ponder on it for a while....