Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just Tack

As you already know, I finally got to all the old tack I had in storage over the weekend. I discarded everything that was no longer usable and cleaned and oiled everything else. Although posting items for sale makes for a boring blog entry, I thought I'd go ahead and post what I ended up with, just in case anyone could use any of it.

This halter is the nicest piece of the bunch. If I still raised foals I'd keep it! I did keep one old leather weanling halter, but it was the one I showed Star (the POA that we raised) in. It's senseless to keep more than one, so here ya go:

It's in really good shape. Here's the other side:

I'm asking $20 for this halter.

This next halter is in great shape, but is cheaply made.

Only $5!

I have two size Medium Miracle Collars in great shape:

I'm asking $15 a piece for these.

This next halter is one of those super-cheap priced and super-cheap made "show" halters you can get off of ebay for $25. It is a large horse size.

$5 and it's yours!

This next halter is like the nicer weanling leather halter in the first picture, but in not nearly as good of shape. Still useable, though.

$5 to make ya hollar!

Sorry about that.....

And finally, I ended up with SIX breastcollars, which is five more than I need, but since some of them were trophies I decided to keep most of them. Here's the one I'm selling:

As you can see the latch to the cinch is rusted, but it still works fine and would be easy to replace. Everything else is in good shape. Only asking $15.

All prices do not include shipping (I will charge only actual shipping cost--no package/handling fees). I do accept paypal as well. Contact me at if you're interested in anything!

Thanks for helping me clean out my tack room!


Sydney_bitless said...

For the cribbing collar, is that cob or pony or horse?? I need a spare for mr.pony. He takes a cob size.

Jessie McCandless said...

Hi Sydney, the medium fits large ponies and average horses, according to the website: The smallest adjustment leaves a 28" circumference.

Jessie McCandless said...

28" around the throatlatch, that is! :)