Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paula's Day was Bad; Moose's Day was Worse

This was Paula before her vet appointment today.

She seems so happy. Now she's not.

Oh don't worry. She'll be fine! She just had some bad points on her teeth. I noticed that she has had some trouble chewing her food lately so I took her in to get her checked and she had some wicked points. I had her teeth done when we lived in Missouri, but apparently she's one that needs to be done every six months or so.

But Moose...poor Moose. I feel bad for him. He's sore everywhere.

I meant to get pictures but first of all, it took me over an hour to get the dork loaded up. Note to self: must definitely work with Moose on loading into the two-horse. So, no pictures. I gave up on recording the day's events long before we even got on the road.

Moose was gelded (finally) and he had both wolf teeth in, so we got those pulled and he got all his shots done, including west nile, so he's pretty much set now. The poor kid is sore on both ends and in the middle (from the shots). Now he's never really going to load ever again!

During the gelding, though, it was noticed that poor Moose was...well...let's just say what we removed looked more like they belonged to a cat than a horse. When the vet first said, "Geez, his ____ are small!" I said, "Oh come on, give him a break--it's cold out!"

No one laughed...except for me.

We got back home just fine, though, and the good news is that I can ride Paula at the arena this week and the worst for Moose is now behind him (pun not intended).

Time to hit the hay,



Jean said...

I would have laughed with you!!!

Sydney_bitless said...

Poor moose. At least you got it all done with one trip.

CCC said...

Hope poor Moose gets feeling better soon.

Alan T Hainkel said...

I would have laughed too... because it's just funny... :D

smazourek said...

Poor little guy, at least it's cold now so he's getting iced just standing around.

My gelding is like Paula, his teeth need attention more than once a year too. He's got an expensive mouth.

Nicole said...

Don't worry, I'd have laughed with you. In fact I'd have said that myself :).

My dad needs to get his stud gelded (we don't need to studs on the place) but he keeps putting it off and putting it off. We aren't sure why.