Friday, December 17, 2010

Resolutions: A Review

Last December I wrote a post about my Resolutions for 2010. Looking back, I don't think I did too bad, considering how much was up in the air, and how many unexpected events occurred. Even by July I had quite a list accomplished. Not too shabby....

1. Get Eddie Home

I did. And then I had to say goodbye again. I will post one day, when I'm able, about this day.

2. Pay down debt/scub credit reports

Work in progress, as of course fighting banks is like fighting city hall (or so I've heard).

3. Building dream house/barn

I never thought I'd actually be "building" my dream home. I think I can call it that. I'm basically starting with the frame and that's it!

4. Set up a pole barn

Check! I'd like to get another one, though. I need to sort a few things out to make sure I can afford it.

5. Buy a horse trailer

Check! And I love, love, love it!

6. Get everything I need to show Paula in 2011

Wow, so close on this one! I've got two shirts, chaps, clacks, boots, hat, show saddle and bridle. I need a couple of nice show pads to go with my shirts and in the spring I'll have to custom order a tail for her. I did buy a tail but it's too white, so that will be saved back for Moose (it matches his perfectly). I need a tail with streaks of dark gray in it for Paula.

7. Start JJ

JJ is now in Colorado and will go into training in March to become a youth horse for a lucky little girl! He's going to love it, and his new home absolutely adores him. I have done quite a bit of ground work with his brother and sister, though, so I'll say this goal changed slightly, but I'll still call it a success!

8. Lose weight

I plead the 5th (sigh). I DID get healthier through running.

9. Update White Horse Resource

I tried. I'm thinking of taking the sight down. My own ambition is thwarted by the lack of hours in a day.

10. Everything else

Let's see, I bought a car, started a garden, cleaned up around the house, cleaned up the jungle behind the house, started reroofing the garage, laid electrical line, went to Colorado twice, said goodbye to our wonderful farm dog, found good homes for a couple of lovely horses, welcomed Moose into my life, almost sold Moose to a new friend in France, welcomed Russell and then figured out he's better suited to living with my brother and his wife, saw my brother graduate with a 4.0 from college (!!!!), took up running and got the fever (and some great shoes--thanks, Mom!), welcomed Eddie's first granddaughter, learned a lot, hurt a lot, loved a lot, and lived a lot.

So now I'm contemplating my 2011 resolutions. Of course it will include some items on the 101 things in 1001 days list, but it will also include some proper short-term goals, like

showing Paula,

showing Moose,

working on the house,

catching Betty up on her training,

and much, much more.

Overall, this has been a really terrific year for me. The last few years have been extraordinarily hard for me, so I really needed this and am so thankful for it. I hope I don't jinx anything by saying I feel like I'm in a really good place, with so much to look forward to.

Feeling Blessed,


Nicole said...

Oh that's great!!! What kind of horse showing do you do??

smazourek said...

You go girl! Make sure you post lots of pictures of your fabulous showing horses in the spring. Paula looks like she's going to do really well. Are you showing Moose in halter? He seems like he might enjoy trail classes. Do they have those for young horses?