Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paula and Me

Today is kind of crazy so I was going to skip posting, but then Stana uploaded this video of Paula and I from the arena ride Monday night. Although it blatently points out that I really need to work on my seat (both in the riding and diet aspect), I figured I'd share it anyway.

They say swallowing one's pride will not cause indigestion. I'll get back to you on whether that's true or not.

I love Paula. This is only her second outing EVER. We hadn't ridden in over a week. We barely lunged before I got on her. She's just such a good girl.

Even when she's going 100 mph she's still so nice and soft. She's starting to acknowledge the cues to slow down and when she comes out of our circles she's in just the right spot, collection-wise. We just need to work on maintaining that now. I need work, too--I need to smooth out my cues a little better and stop leaning forward. I also need to give her a little more rein and work on leaving her alone a little more.

That's what's so nice about video. Even though I detest watching myself, it does give me the opportunity to see what I'm doing wrong. If I correct those things then it will only further help Paula develop into a nice pleasure horse.

Thanks so much to Dar and Stana for their help! :)



Sydney_bitless said...

What a lovely mare she has turned into! She seems to be super sensible to have only been under saddle for this amount of time and to only have gone out twice. Perfect attitude for western pleasure.

smazourek said...

Wow, what a busy place! She did a great job keeping her cool in that atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing crowd scene - she's got a good mind on her! Don't be so hard on yourself - you guys look great together.

Jessie McCandless said...

Thank you, ladies! :)

Nicole said...

You don't need to work on your seat... You crack me up :)... That is a great place to get other horse exposure though!!

Darlene said...

I dont think the video caught the absolute craziness that that night you? Barrel racers galloping past us, that tractor terrorizing my and Judy's horses... and just so crowded! ROFL! It was a crazy night! I was pleased no one got killed. That's nice Nicole, but we ALL have to work to improve ourselves and our horses... Jessie and I have to keep after one another, right Jess!?

Krazy Cindy said...

Excellent work with her, Jessie :-) You definitely have the right to be proud of her (and yourself)!