Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chaos Ensues

This was too funny not to post. Harley, my 11 year old cat who I've had since he was a kitten, does not like change. I took this picture of him this afternoon, obviously not in the best of moods:

And this right here is the reason why he was so upset:

Chaos ensues everytime I let poor Samson in the house. The cat gets mad, Sophie runs around like she's on fire, and Charlie picks a spot to act as her speedbump. Poor Samson, he only wants to come in and say hi!


knoyes said...

Oh my gosh, Harley is a hoot! Poor guy.....all over an innocent little puppy! Samson will win Harley over at some point I bet, everybody loves a GP even if they think that they don't. He is sure growing.


Jessie Baker said...

Oh, Harley has learned just to "get over it" a lot over the years. I joke around that he's the only man who has ever really commited to me (11 years with me now) and he should probably be committed because of it! LOL. I love my fat boy though :) Samson doesn't take any of it too personal--he' such an easy-going guy.