Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Fun Today

After working from home today, I got outside just in time to groom Paula and Empress, and then turn my attention to the yearlings. Bambi had her first tying lesson and did wonderfully, even when the dogs ran into the side of the barn and made a racket while playing, she barely spooked and stood tied like a champ. I got TONS of hair off of her and Paula--they are shedding like crazy!

I then got Fabian out and worked with him a bit. He's a different sort of kid. He doesn't seek attention at all. He'd rather be left alone, but he is very sharp--remembers everything I've taught him despite very little time actually working with him. He does what he's told and that's that. He's going to make an amazing working horse in some capacity. It's not that he doesn't like people, but he's just all about business and he is really sharp.

After working with Fabian I let him out to play with JJ, who seemed to be feeling especially ornry today. Here's Fabian and JJ running around the pasture:

Then JJ decides to play with Sophie (so much like the way his daddy loves to play with dogs) and I caught him doing a fun little side-kick towards Sophs:

Laramie didn't miss out on the fun, either. She's a pretty fancy thing!

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