Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is it Thursday already?

Sorry about being MIA the last few days. For some reason I hit a wall. I don't know whether it was from the lack of pain-induced adreniline (since I'm not in nearly as much pain anymore) or perhaps just wore myself out but I was exhausted the last few days. I'm feeling much better now, though, which is good--next week is my first full week back to my normal schedule (or as normal as it gets around here :)
OK, pics I meant to post days ago.... First of all, Samson is about the happiest puppy EVER! He follows me around, making big goofy grins in the grass:
Monday, I think it was, I got the boys seperated from the girls since they are getting to that age now (well, at least JJ is--Fabian got that choice taken away from him last month LOL). JJ took the seperation hard--he misses Miss Laramie! He's ok now, though, and Fabian and him are having a blast. It's been good for Fabian, too--he's looking a lot more like a proper horse rather than just leftover parts of different horses stuck together (poor kiddo) LOL:
(Fabian on the left, JJ on the right)

JJ reminds me of his daddy is so many ways. He moves exactly like him (if Eddie didn't have a bum leg, that is) and he has the same demanding, yet sweet temperament about him. I miss my big dork so much. I miss his kind, blue eye...that piercing, knowing gaze....

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