Sunday, March 8, 2009

I changed my mind (again)....

Looks sort of like a superhero, doesn't she--cape flowing behind her majestically in the wind?

You might notice she has on some new footwear. Spiffy, huh? She seems to think so.

I changed my mind on her recovery plan. Or we're actually changing course, is what I mean. I've put her out with Paula on the area of the place with the least amount of new growth. There is green coming up everywhere out here, which I'm thrilled about, but after watching Empress over the past couple of days I think we need a new strategy.

She's gaining weight very well, not cribbing, and is digesting everything wonderfully. I've wormed her with Safeguard with no ill effects and thankfully haven't seen much come out from that, either (she doesn't seem too wormy). So now my focus has changed from her insides to her outside. Her feet are killing me just watching her. Maybe because her movement reminds me so much of Sunny, or maybe because I'm often in quite a bit of pain I can't get away from as well, the pain in her front feet really bother me.

She seems better with the aggressive trim and padded shoes, but I want more (I always do). I've decided to change her diet and move her in with Paula. She's already walking a lot more--even trotted a tad bit this morning. Grazing will be good for her and this pasture, while dried brome for the most part, has kept the young horses up swimmingly, so I expect she will continue to gain weight while on it. Her grain ration will be cut in half and now excludes Equine Senior (for now). She will be on oats, her supplements and corn oil only. No more alfalfa. I will watch her closely, but right now I need to cut out all the starches and simple sugars I can. Has she foundered--I don't think so, but she sure stands like it sometimes.

The excessive toe she had would have certainly put a lot of straight on the laminae. While I do not think she's foundered, I wouldn't be surprised if everything in there is pretty darned inflamed and sore. Why add to it? This simple diet was also prescribed to Larry when I first got her, along with daily walks and it cured her for life in addition to the natural trim. I'd like to follow that with Empress and see how she does. Otherwise she's doing very well, so lets get these feet whipped into shape!!

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