Monday, March 9, 2009


Just got back from my sister's surgery--all went well, thank goodness. It was nail-biting, especially when they called me into a side room alone and she had only been in surgery for what seemed like a few minutes, but thank GOD it was good news! She is back at home, eating her jello and plain chicken breast and watching her Tevo. We laughed that she'll be back to normal and pain free before I will! LOL!!

My sister eating dip-n-dots on the 4th of July last year out at Powell Gardens...

So I got back home late and JJ and Laramie took out half their fence, but stayed in thankfully. I had a heck of a time piecing it back together in the dark, but got it set and put a fresh battery on the charger, so I dare them to take a stab at it now LOL!!

Paula came over to "help" and I gave her a great big hug. She is so funny. And bored. I can't wait to get healed, get my roundpen back and borrow a saddle thanks to Darlene and get to riding my gray girl. I think she'll enjoy her lessons. She's always had a heck of a memory so she should be a breeze to train when I have the time.

I'm back to work tomorrow. It almost feels like my first day since I've been gone 7 weeks. It will be nice not to have the hassels of working from home--disconnections, lack of communication, piles of papers all over my home office LOL. It will be nice to get back in there in the middle of things.

I have new pics but they need some serious photoshop help--my camera is cheap and takes the lousiest cloudy pictures, so I like to screen out the noise and brighten them up (I never edit the horses themselves). I'm learning all kinds of neat things about photoshop from the Pioneer Woman blog (link to the left). Also, don't get started on her story of how she met her husband. I got hooked into it and before I knew it three hours had passed! LOL!!!

So anyway, I'll just post a pic of my place I took the other day. The green is just starting to come in and you can see the horses grazing. I LOVE my little place. The view is stunning. The picture was taken from about halfway up my driveway, so it's very secluded as well.
Have a good night everyone!!


knoyes said...

Jessie, I hope all is well with your sister, good that you could be there to help her.

That is a super picture of your home. Aren't you lucky that you found it.

Merc stood again last night and Sonny (Mo's mare) is still standing, hopefully to be done soon.

Have you ever wondered about how Seeker knows the stallion is around? I guess just sight and how he is behaving. I am not real sure that we get her teased good enough over the fence and I am concerned that I might be missing her heat cycle, so I am going to start teasing her by hand everyother day.

Good Luck at work today, I hope all goes well!

Oh, shame on those little devils for taking their fence down, I have deer do that alot at my mare pasture.


Donna said...

Hey Jessie!! It's your cuz Donna! My daughter Crystal found you through your Mom's Myspace account. Cool how you're into the paint/quarter horses. I've got a paint and 2 quarter horses. My 4yr old qualified for the YAQHA in halter 2 yrs ago, she's a granddaughter of Excelebration and Leaguer's Sandman. Our other quarter horse is a son of Good Version. Also just getting started with Miniature horses, they are a hoot! Let me know how it goes!