Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally, JJ in the spotlight!

I finally got the time, between late last night and this morning, to clean up a few pictures of JJ. I absolutely love this colt. He is so sweet, so smart, so handsome, so BIG LOL. I just couldn't get many shots that I thought do him justice, mostly because Laramie is always in the way :)

I know this one is pretty cheesy with the writing (I did save one without the writing), but I have been so unsure about a registered name for him I wanted to see how this one "looked." I think I like it.

He sure looks like a lunge-liner here, doesn't he? :)

Then I got this shot of them running across the field together. It's so hard to get JJ to run--he is soooo laid back, but Laramie finally got him going....

Laramie is in the lead and JJ bringing up the rear (but he doesn't seem to mind).

Although I can't get this picture cleaned up very well, I posted it anyway as I thought it was pretty cute. This is basically Laramie--always curious about me, but stuck to JJ's side. She loves to be loved on, but anything else right now she'd just rather not have anything to do with. She'll come around, though, when I can move around a little better and work with her. She's friendly and curious, though, so she'll be great to work with. Her perky attitude works so well for halter, too. I think JJ is going to fall asleep in his halter class LOL!

On a side note, yesterday was my first day back at work and it went really well. I work with the nicest people--every single person in management said they were glad to have me back. My coworkers all asked how I was doing. My boss kept telling me to get the heck out of there as he didn't expect for me to work a full day, but I was so happy to be back and get some things accomplished that I squeezed in as much as I could. I was pretty sore and tired but none the worse for wear today.

JJ and Laramie's halter was supposed to arrive yesterday but FedEx got lost and couldn't find my house. I had to call and give them directions (no, I'm not kidding), so hopefully it will get here today. Otherwise I'll have to pick it up when I get into KC tomorrow. Sure glad I paid $15 for shipping.

One other thing--I LOVE this time change!!! I came home last night and if it weren't freezing out I could have played with the ponies. It is sooo nice to come home and not feed in the dark. They should just leave it on daylight savings time always :))

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knoyes said...

Poor JJ, dang old Laramie hogging the spotlight! Tell her she'll get her chance to shine, and to let this boyfriend of hers have a little fun as well.

I love the picture of JJ, he is a doll.

Glad that work went well, you must work at a super place, they have been so good to you, take care and don't overdo it!

O.K., off to get ready for work, Brian does chores for me on Thursdays when he is off and that is really nice.