Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My first sunburn of the year....

It was gorgeous out today so of course I had to spend as much time outside as I could and got a little red, but it was worth it. After working some and going to my doctor's appointment, I took the opportunity to work with Paula a bit. She's been bored out of her mind, I think. She is always trying to push herself through the gate and I swear, if she had the ability she'd put the halter on herself--she pushes her nose right into it LOL. So I got her out, groomed her and wrapped her legs and lunged her. We mostly just trotted but she did wonderfully. It's been over a year since I lunged her and she remembered everything like a pro. She's so laid back we'll have to work on the lope when I can move better, but overall she did great. I groomed her again (got lots of hair off while she was warm! :), put her up and turned my attention to Empress.

She laid down all afternoon--she had me pretty concerned, but when it came feeding time she was up and demanding! She finished everything within an hour so I gave her more beet pulp and oats. She's still not crazy about it but wanted something else so she ate it right up. I also gave her a late night flake of alfalfa. I'm trying not to push her too hard but when she's willing to eat more it's hard to not give it to her.

Anyway, earlier, while she was down, I spent about 2 hours grooming her. I used some Shapley's MTG I bought in Olathe after my doc's appointment to treat the raw spots on her hip from laying down so much. I got her brushed, cleaned her legs and back end, and combed out her tail and conditioned it, cut her bridle path and conditioned her mane. She seemed to enjoy the attention. However, while she was laying down her breathing seemed a bit labored. When she got up her walk is still wobbly--still much better than her first few days but she still seems so weak. I'm going to keep a close eye on her. She had no temperature and was not colicy at all, but still...worries me that she still seems to be in so much pain.

I did notice I think she's gained a tad bit over the week. I'll try to get some good pictures tomorrow for comparison. If she really has gained it's excellent news. Everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed!!

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