Thursday, March 25, 2010

The 72-Hour Day

My busy day started this morning, with meeting the electrician for an estimate to get the vapor lights working back in the horse area.

Then I rushed to work (once chores were all done) and at noon met Dad for lunch, gave him the bill of sale for the vehicle he sold, then picked up grain, drove home and found something very interesting....

Eddie's leg had opened up on the side and was oozing puss!

Yeah, I know...that's really gross, but to me it was very good news. It meant we were dealing with infection rather than injury, so at least now we know what's going on, and I was relieved that I had started antibiotics a couple of days ago, just in case.

Tomorrow I pick up more antibiotics and will talk to the vet, but in the meantime Eddie seems to be acting better. I think it's relieving a lot of pressure on the joint!

After picking up my truck and the bale mover I drove back to work and had the usual busy afternoon of putting together reports, auditing information and answering questions.

Once the workday was done, I had to drive out east of Pratt to pick up a roundbale of alfalfa. To my disappointment, the roundbale was in a spot I couldn't back up the bale trailer to and no one was around, so I had to roll it! I'm happy to report my bale moving skills aren't lost to times gone by! I got the sucker rolled into a spot that I could back the trailer up to, got the fork slid under it then got the 1600 pound bale cranked up into place. It takes me about 40 minutes to get home since the bale trailer isn't meant for highway speeds, but hey, the horses have hay.

I got home and found that Suzie had got herself caught in the fence!! She was ok, thankfully, but the fence needed quite a bit of repair. Then dad showed up with a truckload of stuff from the storage unit (thanks, Dad! :) and we got the first batch of my junk unloaded.

Why does someone need so much junk anyhow? Huh?

So, then I got the bale moved into place, chores done, Eddie's hydrotherapy done, and when I was feeding I found that Paula's eye is all swollen!

Paula, Paula, Paula.... Now HALF my horses are messed up in some way!


OK, I feel a bit better now. Thanks for listening. Off to check on Edward. Keep your fingers crossed that everyone starts feeling better soon.....

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Sydney said...

Thats good news for eddie!