Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Begun!

Right now, as I've said before, I only have one usable stall, which is completely unacceptable. So far my lottery winnings have not arrived (hardee har har), so I've put together a plan to get some shelter for the horses until I can one day afford to build a new barn on the ole homestead.

The house, sheds, and barn are all currently there, of course. The new items will be the 3 pens to the North. Right now there is only a large brush pile there and lots-o-weeds.

I'm heading to town sometimes this week to order my first outbuilding, similar to the one below, but it will have two 12x12 stalls (lined) and a 12 x 6 tackroom on the right hand side.

The total size will be 12 x 30 and it will house two horses in two pens, plus some tack and/or feed for that area of the place. After a while I'll order a second 12x12 shelter for the next pen over.

I've even decided the color I'll order: patina-green steel siding with a white roof and trim. The lighter shade of green will look amazing with the brown and yellow on the house and the brown metal roof we'll soon put on the hay shed.

It's still a long ways away from the barn, but they will make for some very nice shelters and enable me to keep Paula clean when I'm able to show her :)

First things first, though: picking up about a million branches. We worked on it for two hours tonight. I'll post pics tomorrow!

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