Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eddie's Kids

It's a saying that's heard often but in this case I think it really applies:

To know Eddie is to love Eddie.

Now that Eddie's babies are getting older and out into the world, I've found there's one more saying we can now embrace:

To know Eddie's foals are to love Eddie's foals.

I love (and by "love" I mean "LOVE") hearing about Eddie's kids. They make people genuinely happy, just as Eddie makes me so very happy. It's the very best part of being a stallion owner.

I couldn't be happier with Eddie's kids myself. I have a very hard time letting them go, so I've limited myself to the two girls above: Bambi and Paula.

Last night I was late picking the girls up from Painted Prairie and we had to rush to get on the road. I pulled in, had both the girls haltered and loaded up on my own and back on the road in less than ten minutes. Neither even hesitated while walking into the trailer. Once we got home they unloaded in the pitch dark without a single hiccup.

I swear, if they could talk, their mantra would be "Whatever suits you just tickles me plum to death."

Jennifer Layton, Fabian's owner, emailed me the other day with pictures and more kudos for another Eddie baby. Doesn't he look fabulous (in so many ways)?!

To use another cliche: "Who could ask for anything more?!"

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Sydney said...

Your very lucky to have such a lovely boy and such nice grandfoals. Your a good horse mum to Eddie.