Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Thoughts

A glimpse into my head can be a scary thing, so here's an edited version of today's random thoughts:

If owls are supposed to be a good omen, what does finding a dead barn owl right in front of your barn doorway mean?

I love small towns. I can eat lunch, go to the post office and WalMart and be back to work with ten minutes to spare on my lunch break. There's either something very right or very wrong about that--I can't decide which.

Why is it that my favorite pair of jeans are always too small or too big. I feel like the Goldilocks of denim: can't I have any that are just right?

I have an overwhelming desire to go roller skating, 80's style. Do you think if I found a skating rink open in a 100 mile radius that they'd play "Pour Some Sugar on Me?"

"Deinstatutionalization" is the longest word I've ever used in everyday conversation.

A moose once bit my sister (name that movie).

I think that's quite enough of that. Dear Lord, I apologize and please bless the pygmies in New Guinea.

1 comment:

Sydney said...

Poor barn owl! When birds die like that randomly we normally send them in to an animal control so they can do testing. A lot of hawks died her a few years ago. Turns out something toxic was dumped in a pond back a neighbors field.