Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Here it is, Sunday evening, and I finally have my first chance to post. Looking back it seems like a whirlwind, but I can't recall specifically what the heck I did.

What the heck did I do?

Oh yeah. Friday, internet was installed (took all morning), then in the afternoon I went to work and tried to work, but it wasn't in the cards. My work computer had issues, so it was an unproductive afternoon.

Saturday I ran over to Iuka to get a tire issue fixed, then drove out to Painted Prairie to fulfill I promise I made to Darlene's daughter. Sarah very graciously let me use her room for four months, so I felt it was the least I could do to offer to paint it the color of her choice when I was done with it.

She chose orange (and no, I'm not painting with a peach shake from Spangles).

It actually ended up being pretty nice. It took most of Saturday to get the prep work done, so today we got the painting all wrapped up.

Then I headed out to Dad's to get some laundry done (my laundry room is under renovation). After lunch and laundry, Dad helped me get some straw out of the old barn to use for my new mare's foaling stall.

Sadly, this old barn, build by my second great-grandfather, fell during a recent windstorm.

It's sad to see this old giant's collapse.

We managed to save a few bales of straw without incident. This is straw my dad put in the barn when I was a toddler. I bet he never imagined we'd be pulling it out of the partially-collapsed barn for my foaling horse thirty years later!

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