Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Difficult Post

I had planned on posting today about my kissing the Blarney Stone, but when I got home I found that there is no luck of the Irish here.

Eddie's bent leg can bear no weight at all. He's able to get up and down but there is significant swelling and he's in pain. He is in by himself and there's no fencing torn up, so I dont' think another horse injured him. He either twisted it or it's broke down.

I know the day will come that it will break down and I'll have to say goodbye. I want that day to be in the future, though--not in the present.

Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts. He's getting supportive care and only time can tell me if this is just a bad day or if we're at the end. Eddie is a very strong boy, so if anyone can pull through, it's him.

I know I'm asking a lot. Six years ago I was told he'd most likely only make it to 5 years of age at the most. Next week he'll be 8. Please, God, let him make it to at least 9.


Sydney said...

Poor Eddie! Get some Arnica for that knee. Telling you that stuff works wonders.

Krazy Cindy said...

Jessie, my heart sank when I read your post. I'll be thinking about you and Eddie and pulling for that handsome boy of yours.