Sunday, March 21, 2010

Waiting for Spring

Today was another pretty good day considering Eddie's ordeal. Of course any day that Eddie feels "okay" is a good day.

This is an old picture, of course, but hopefully what his leg will look like again someday soon. I'm trying a new regiment now: wrap all night, hydrotherapy all day and bute three times a day (versus 4 or 5 times a day before). He's got a deeply bedded stall that he's resting comfortably in, but the door is open for him to go out and enjoy some sun if he feels up to it. It's truly amazing how careful he is with each hop, going in and out of his stall.

Only time will tell if he will recover. As long as he can get by ok and shows signs of healing, we'll keep trying. If not, then we'll do the right thing by Eddie. Hopefully, though, that will be a contingency plan we won't have to act on.

Despite this precarious (and emotionally draining) situation, Eddie was quite perky today and even knocked into me with his butt, wanting a good scratch. :)

I know you're dying to hear of all the other exciting details of my day. OK, here it is...wait for it....

I did laundry.

Of course this would be much more exciting if this was actually my washer and dryer. I'd actually love doing laundry, but alas, it's not. In fact, I have no laundry room at all. It's in renovation. There is simply only a suggestion of a laundry room right now.

I also worked. I will spare you the exciting details, but let me tell you, it was riveting.

In addition to all this excitement, I also got Paula trimmed and groomed.

Her feet were indeed overdue, with the move and whatnot, but they weren't too bad at all. Thankfully they don't grow as much in winter.

However, Paula has grown over the winter! She's now 15.2H! In fact all the girls are growing. Bambi is darned near 14.2 (poor little girl) and Laramie is zooming past 15H. Everyone is shedding out, getting so shiny and slick.

I love spring....


Sydney said...

Good thing that boy of yours is doing better. Indigo(the worlds most injury prone horse) got kicked just above the knee last week. When I found it she had a large goose egg there. I am telling ya, the arnica gel works wonders. Large, ouchy to the touch goose egg on thursday, today it's completely back to normal.

Jessie said...

Thanks for the tip but around here I'm lucky to find even DMSO. I had to buy the furazone in the cattle section, called something completely different but luckily knew the drug name.

I did an online search but it said it wasn't approved for use in the US, so not sure if I can find it or even order it. I'll have to stick to what I'm using for now, but thanks for the tip.