Friday, March 19, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

The snow is falling and friends are calling MARCH.

Yep, yet another late, late, late winter snowstorm after mother nature teasing us with a couple of weeks' worth of gorgeous 60+ degree temps. At least it's nothing like last year's late storm.

Although this year I just about fell on the ice.


Paula feels fine in this weather, though. She feels she blends in a tad more.

Eddie is set as well, in his own stall with lots of bedding, out of the wind and cold. I have to say this stall is downright cozy, as it's on the southeast side of the barn, so it gets all the sun and none of the wind. I was sweating in there earlier this morning....

We had a pretty bad day yesterday but last night I tried a furazone/DMSO sweat wrap on him and it really helped with the swelling, so I'm applying that in several-hour intervals with about an hours rest in between.

He's a lot perkier today, thank goodness. He's bumped into me several times wanting his butt scratched. I don't mind at all if the goober wants to take advantage of the situation and mooch some extra attention. He certainly deserves it, after everything he's been through in his nearly eight years.

Actually he deserves so much more.

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