Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coop Du Jour

First of all, thanks to everyone for sticking with me. I was joking about only having one reader (although Mom, you'll always be number one)! I mean it when I say that I really appreciate all my readers--every single one of you! For the life of me I can't figure out why anyone would want to read about my daily life, but I do admit I have a lot of fun writing this blog. The fact that it's read and getting to read your great comments is icing on the cake!

[Awkward segue alert!]

Speaking of icing on the cake, or at least the eggs for that cake, I got the chicken coop done today.

All the chicks moved into their new henhouse (even the rooster) and they seemed to love it. Lots of room to peck and scratch around in!

Later on in the day it was nice enough to take everyone's blankets off, including Betty who is shedding like a banshee!

What is a "banshee" anyway?

Bambi is ready for her beauty treatment, which I hope I can get to tomorrow. These kids need to be groomed and clipped badly!

But, as always, food is first. I went to Hutch and got a truck load of hay today. I only got a truck load since my back has been acting up. I thought 20 bales was plenty to unload for the time being. Next week I'll have to go pick up my usual 80.

There's just something about beautiful, leafy, green alfalfa.

The girls think so, too. They were eyeing it the moment I drove up, even though they just barely finished a 1900-pound round bale of alfalfa in NINE days!

Swine horses.

Evie is a little easier to please. She found a piece of "mouse jerky" and displayed it proudly.

In case you're wondering, "mouse jerky" is a piece of mummified mouse that somehow got ran over and then left there, usually in the driveway, over the winter. What happens is Sophie finds a mouse, kills it, and then brings its carcass into the drive for the fun and games of flipping its lifeless body into the air. Then she gets tired of it, leaves it there, and then it gets smooshed into oblivion, only to be found by the keen noses of my three canine companions.

See, this blog isn't just entertaining. It's educational.

Expanding the vocabulary of city-folk one disgusting tale at a time,



Grey Horse Matters said...

Nice coop, great hay and yuck I hate when they play with their food. After I see stuff like this I really don't want them to lick my face. Just the other day Murphy (my Austrailian Sheperd) was seen snacking on manure by the dumpster buffet table.

Annette said...

I like that; mouse jerky. :)

smazourek said...

Well I'm chuckling so much right now I sound like a clucking hen. Evie looks pretty darned proud of herself, she is the cutest thing!

Nicole said...

I googled it... Banshee: Woman of the fairy mounds :).... haha gotta love google!

Jessie McCandless said...

OMG, Nicole, that is such a HELPFUL definition! ROFL!!!!

Thank you, Shannon. I just love her tiny little fox-face :)

Thanks, Annette--not very appetizing, huh? LOL

Thanks, too, Arlene. It really is gross what they get into, isn't it? And then none of mine like french fries. Might tell us something.... :)