Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cop Out

I had planned on writing (for once) a fully informative, well-written post entirely worth reading, but...I'm a big, fat, lazy wuss who would rather go to bed early than do something for the betterment of the one person who reads this blog (thanks, Mom :)

I do have a pretty good excuse (or several mediocre excuses, in any case). Here's what all I did today:

1. Measured the floor in my trailer and ordered the oak planks. They should be in on Thursday or Friday (fingers crossed, since I have a clinic on Saturday). This took two trips since two different people's quotes totaled a difference of $50 PER BOARD. Needless to say, I waited for the "cheaper" guy to come in.

2. Finished the work I did sanding and re-staining the window sill in my Dad's bedroom at his house in town. Before he moved in, they used to put a window air conditioner in that window, so it ruined the finished. I got it looking back to its former glory, or close to it, between yesterday and today.

3. While I was at Dad's I found his house numbers, that he hadn't hung up yet, so I hung them up for him. I figured it would be a nice surprise for when he drove up. I'm not sure he noticed, though, since he didn't call. I'll have to rib him about that.

4. Remember all those amazing free (17"!) truck tires I managed to inherit over the past year? I had a couple of them put on the back wheels of my truck today. The front tires are still practically new, so I just changed out the back. Made a lot of difference and will hopefully help me to haul better!

5. I went to the dentist yesterday and didn't have my current insurance card, since they changed insurers the week before I was laid off. I emailed the HR manager and she sent me a card I could use, so I turned that in today and (keeping fingers crossed) I can get reimbursed for what I paid out of pocket.

6. I went to the library and got more gardening books because, you know, I really need MORE projects! That makes as much sense as this picture.

I just feel like I should have at least one item of visual interest in each post.

7. I got my chicken roosts done. Sunday Dad (despite being in mourning over KU's loss) helped me move the nesting box (aka, The Clutch Hutch) into the coop, so tomorrow I'll move the roosts in, get the bedding down the the temporary fencing up and get the chicks moved out to their new digs.

I'm putting up a fence just to try to get them to know where "home" is at first. And hopefully train Sophie not to chase them.

She gives them the "eye" everytime she passes through the back porch.

8. Evie has chewed up everything she possibly can get her grubby little paws on (plants, magazines, papers, shoes, underwear (which she digs out of the hamper?!?!)--pretty much anything except her TOYS). I know this isn't something I've done, per se, but it does contribute to my inability to put together a proper blog post.

It also contributes to my inability to reason, spell, or find an appropriate conclusion to thi



Alan T Hainkel said...

Your mom's not the only one who reads this... :D

I read it because it's fun... :)

Vintage West said...

Nope she's not the only one :)
Sounds like you've been hard at work and that sure was an interesting photo haha!

smazourek said...

Wow, I didn't know I was your mom ;)

What is up with that picture? Does that girl have clouds growing out of her ears? How does the skeleton blow without any lungs? Is the cat just amused by it all? So many questions.

Nicole said...

that picture is um.... odd!

And I had a cocker spaniel puppy once that her favorite underwear were my mom's VS. You know the more expensive the better... but I guess when your name is Chanel what can you expect?