Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Her Name is "Trouble"

Or, at least, it should be!

Sophie has really taken to her new little friend, though. She even offered up her beloved baby.

It's so funny to have an aussie around the house that's smaller than Sophie (a rat terrier cross). I guess she really is a "mini!"

She's an extraordinary puppy, though. She's very sweet and loving, and she (so far) has had no trouble with her housebreaking at all.

I sure hope I didn't just jinx myself.

She does let her opinion be known though--she definitely wants to be at my side 24/7.

She loves nothing more than laying beside me in bed. She's definitely kin to Charlie!

Milton (kitty) hasn't been very nice to her. He invites himself into her pen and beats up on her if she's carrying on (which she does when she doesn't want to be alone). I feel bad because he scares her, but it's so funny I'm laughing while scolding him. Milton is kind of a take-charge-sort of kitty.

So far she's survived the trauma perfectly fine, though.

I'm still at a loss for a good name for her. Vivian? Delilah? Ruth? Paige? Reese?

Piper? Hmmm...maybe "Piper." I have a feeling I'm going to end up paying the Piper quite a bit over the years, so maybe it's a match?

Maybe I'll just break down and really name her "Trouble." Might as well call it like I see it!


KSLongrider said...

I'm glad she's fitting in so well. There's mischief in those sparkling eyes!!

Mare said...

She's adorable! And I love the name Piper!

Anonymous said...

I think she could be Ava.
Or Carly, if she's so much like Charlie.
Sooo much CUTE!
I like Piper best of yours though.

smazourek said...

"We named the dog Indiana..."

Whatever you call her, she is so stinking cute I almost can't stand it.

Grey Horse Matters said...

She is tooo adorable. My sister has a mini she calls Casey. I like Trouble and I was trying to think of a nickname for that and could only come up with Trudie. I think she looks like a Piper, that's a really cute name.

My cousin breeds Aussie's and she did tell me they don't call them Velcro dogs for nothing. They stick to you like glue.

Annette said...

She is awfully cute! I like the name Trouble but I also think we should have named Kersey "Meatball" - because she looks like one and she loves to eat everything. So, my opinion probably shouldn't be taken...

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

She is absolutely adorable I envy you having a new puppy in the house :)

lj3605 said...

We love our Aussie! He's loyal, sweet, great with our kids and was house trained the fastest out of all the dogs we've ever owned! Have fun! :)

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Look how much I miss when I don't check blogs all week, you got a puppy and chicks. She's SO CUTE!

Nicole said...

we bought my dad an Aussie for Father's day a few years ago and we debated and debated and debated over names. The poor dog wound up with the name Mudflap.... LOL. I named one LeDeux ones (Like Chris Ledeux)

Krazy Cindy said...

It took me a couple weeks to name my Quimby. I'm terrible at naming things. I had siblings threatening to call her awful things if I didn't name her.

Good thing she knows her name, my ferocious English Shadow! Although she did end up with a lot of nicknames (Quimbalina, Quimby-kins, Quimby-bee, you get the idea).