Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Anniversary

I just realized today while looking at my calendar that I put Empress down only a few hours shy of exactly one year after I had to put Layla down. I sure hope this doesn't become a yearly thing.

Girlie Girl, Diva Dog, I can still hear your bark. I can still feel your beautiful, soft coat run through my fingers. I can still see you give me that look when I get road rage :)

I think I might have to put a little garden stone next to that beautiful rose, for both my beautiful girls.

That means next week marks the anniversary when I got Sophie. Oh dear.....


knoyes said...

What a beautiful picture of Layla. I love the close up face shot. Your girls are now together and watching the happenings in your life!

On a different note, glad that the goofus showed up.....did he chew the door up? What a booger.

Jessie Baker said...

Thank you! Layla was so pretty, she never had a bad photo :)

YES, dorkwad Samson the destroyer killed my crawlspace door. It's now blocked with very heavy paving stones. Of course this was the dog I caught pulling a 40lb sandbag out of the garage to use as a chewtoy! LOL!