Monday, June 15, 2009


I've wanted to have a contest for a while now, especially as I've seen my blog traffic increase expotentially over the past few weeks. Let's face it, winning stuff is fun. I want this blog to be fun. Ergo, I'd like you to be able to win stuff on this blog.

So, our first contest is going to be pretty simple. On my previous post from Sunday, 6/14/09, I quoted lines from three movies.

1. We've come for your daughter, Chuck.

2. We mustn't gnaw on our kit-ty.

3. Shut up, just shut had me at "hello."

Disclaimer--these are not exact quotes, but close enough you should be able to figure it out :)

Now, for the prize:
Western Horseman Legends, Volume 4. This book includes history on Diamonds Sparkle (dam of Shining Spark), Dash for Cash, Zan Parr Bar, Blondy's Dude, Harlan, Zantanon, Zippo Pine Bar, and Impressive.

Disclaimer #2: Sorry, this prize is used. Anyone who knows me really well knows I cannot afford any extras right now, so I've taken this off my bookshelf to pass along to a new home. It IS in like-new condition, but if you're offended by getting a used prize, or think it's just plain tacky, then you really don't have to enter.

But I hope you do.

So, to enter, just leave a comment with your answers. Since this is my first blog contest, I will give you until Friday at noon (CDT) to enter. I will not publish comments until after the contest ends so even if it's Thursday, still enter--you never know if someone had gotten them all right yet! I will publish the correct answers and announce the winner on Friday evening.

Good Luck and Have Fun! Godspeed, good, Sir knight! Break a leg! Vaya con Dios! May the force be with you!


splashocoloranch said...

Ohh, this is FUN!

1. BeetleJuice
2. Addams Family
3. Jerry Mcguire.

Love it, I've set up my blog, just haven't figured out what to say in the opening. HELP!!!!

Sydney said...

Hi I just recently started following your blog. Beautiful horses.

1. Beetle juice
2. Austin powers, the spy who shagged me (I love mini me heheh)
3. Jerry Maguire

knoyes said...

LOL, I haven't watched a movie in who knows how long......I have no idea! But what a fun idea and I will wait around for a different contest! Have fun with this one!

Missy (in Michigan) said...

Hi Jessie! Been awhile...just catching up on your blog and thought I'd take a crack at the contest! Hope you are well! Keep in touch!

1. Beetlejuice
2. The Addams Family
3. Jerry Maguire