Sunday, June 14, 2009


For tonight I'm digging back into the archives. I spent the day staining my neighbor's porch, which doesn't make for the most interesting blog material. I thought I'd spare everyone the riveting excitement of watching stain dry and instead talk about a little "rat" that was part of my life for a short time, but even as little as she was, left a great impression.

August 26, 2008 was quite a day. I learned that Macy had coliced and passed away--news that was hard to take despite knowing that she had been in the best hands and everything had been done to save her. I also got my promotion that day--a promotion that allowed me to get back into horses, doing what I love.

It was also the day my sister emailed me saying that some kittens had been dumped at the cemetery where she works and it looked like they were pretty sick. After the previous two events I had nothing left. I wrote her back and told her to go ahead and bring them home.

Well, there was only one small female kitten left when she got out there. She brought her over to my apartment at the time and boy, I have never, ever witnessed such a small creature create such a sick mess! The poor thing was confined to my utility room until I could get her to the vet that weekend. I forget what she had--some sort of infection that, of course, was contageous, so she continued to be confined until her illness cleared up--and I was resigned to scrubbing out her room twice a day with bleach. Ah, fun times....

But, when the little rat got better, boy, was she better. She was a spitfire, so we named her Lucy...Lucy Fur. Get it? Yeah, we thought we were pretty funny....

Here is Lucy, or as we also called her, Harley's mini-me:

We've come for your daughter, Chuck.

So Lucy got to come out and play and be amongst the other animals when she got all better. Problem was, 4 animals in a one bedroom apartment doesn't work very well, especially when two of them are babies, of opposing species.

Sophie, we mustn't gnaw on our kit-ty.

But don't worry, Lucy wasn't harmed. In fact all she did was scream and then she'd go back for more. It was a love-hate relationship.

Shut up, just shut had me at "hello."

And sometimes they were so sweet it would make your teeth ache...

But in the end I just couldn't add one more cat to the mix. So Lucy went to go live with a little girl who had just lost her beloved cat to kidney failure. I do miss Lucy and hope she's doing well. She really was a spitfire....

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knoyes said...

Love It !! Lucy Fur.....and as you know I am fasinated with Sophie and those are the cutest damn pictures I have seen.