Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a Quickie

OK, get your minds out of gutter. Only time for a quickie, as in a quick POST tonight. I just got in about half an hour ago. I have a feeling that most nights will be like this, especially as I have client horses coming in soon, but I'm not complaining--I LOVE it. The blog might not be nearly as exciting (that is assuming it ever was exciting), but real life is riveting!

Laramie is a veteran halter horse now, at least where the work is concerned. She stood tied and sweated like a pro tonight. All that's left is training to show and get her used to the clippers and vac!

Paula had another fabulous training session. I got up on her tonight--just laid over her as I'm quite chicken-s*it. I know, I know, but just see things this way--one fall and it's over for me (because of my back), so yes, baby steps. Itsy bitsy baby steps....

And because I didn't bring my camera out tonight, here is a random photo for your enjoyment.

Hey, it's horse-related! :) I loved this statue in the Parliment parking lot in London. I miss London. I'll need to go back in the next few years again. If I ever had to give up the horses and move to a city, London is where I'd go. "London is my all-time favorite city."

And if you know what show that line is from, then you should be put up on a pedestal as well, to be worshipped and revered by all!

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